Williams shines at Collegiate both on and off the field

Williams shines at Collegiate both on and off the field

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Donovan Williams is a busy guy. The Collegiate sophomore is a standout for the Cougars in football, track and field and baseball, but being busy is all Donovan has ever known, taught by his parents to be involved in as much as possible.

“From tee-ball up and from little league, flag football all the way up until now.. it’s just kind of been a way of life that I’ve grown up around,” Williams says.

Throughout the locker rooms and field houses of Collegiate, the sophomore is know as a high energy, intense athlete. Cougars’ head football coach Mark Palyo says he’s uplifting to the team.

“The first thing that comes to mind with Donovan is that he is super energetic,” remarks Palyo. “He’s very passionate about what he does. He has a high motor. He wants to [go], and I mean he really does go all the time for us.”

“I feel that’s definitely an outlet for me where I can let all that high energy out,” Williams says of athletics.

Williams is a running back and defensive back for the Collegiate football team, a sprinter on the track and field squad, and an outfielder for the Cougars in baseball. He excels and is still improving in all three sports and says that his favorite activity among the three can be interchangeable depending upon what season it is.

“In the arts, in academics and in athletics, he strives to absolutely be as best as he can be,” notes Palyo.

“I can take some of the lessons I learn in sports and implement it in school, in church, in music, everything that I do,” Williams says.

Speaking of music, that’s where you’ll find what Williams calls his God-given talent - the violin. He started playing the instrument regularly when he was nine years old, but his interest was sparked well before then by his grandmother, who also played.

“I was about two years old when she stuck the violin under my chin and ever since then, it’s just like sports, it’s become a part of me."

Listen to Donovan play and it won’t take long to realize that he’s extremely talented at the violin. He practices for two hours daily and his skill has even taken him across the Atlantic Ocean. Williams has performed in Europe, and later this month, he’ll play at New York City’s Carnegie Hall, one of the most prestigious music venues in the world. He says the violin has taught him that he can’t always be good at something the first time he tries it.

In addition to being a talented musician and a standout in sports, Williams is also an honor roll student and is active in his church. Balancing everything can be a challenge at times, but he relies on his faith and feels fortunate for all the opportunities he’s been given.

Donovan has goals of playing sports at the college level and becoming a concert violinist or a composer. Among his many talents, however, the most important thing to him is the good person into which he can continue to grow.

“I just want to be there for people when they go through tough times, I want to be there for people when they go through happy times and I just want to be that person that people feel that they can rely on.”

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