Henrico officer helps homeless man in viral act of kindness

Henrico officer helps homeless man in viral act of kindness

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Tuesday morning, Henrico officer Jenifer Gough was headed to training when she saw a panhandler who was in need and decided to jump in and help.

“I do have a soft spot for the homeless individuals,” Gough said. “There are quite a few homeless individuals near or around the area that I work and the adjoining area so often I will try to check on them.”

Gough saw the man standing in the cold near Parham and Brook Road.

“It was about to get really cold and I had quite a few things that could help someone,” said Gough.

Gough had several bags of supplies left in her car from the department’s homeless individual count, where they go searching in the woods looking for homeless people to help.

“They contain different things in each of the bags, some of them have hand warmers some have hand warmers some have tissues some will have combs,” said Gough.

Henrico Officer helping a panhandler
Henrico Officer helping a panhandler

Little did she know, someone would captured her touching act of kindness and sent it to NBC12.

“I didn’t know anyone was watching I had no idea this was being tweeted or pictures were being taken of me or anything. I had no idea,” said Gough.

Goff says she never did it for the attention. She just remembers the Golden Rule, treat others how you wanted to be treated.

“It’s nice to see someone’s else face when you do something, even the smallest thing for them can brighten their day,” said Gough.

With several more weeks left in Winter, Gough hopes the homeless aren't forgotten.

“It can be devastating. There are quite a few individuals who can actually freeze to death," said Gough. “Now that we’re in the heart of winter the cold is getting very extreme and it can kill you so it’s really important for these individuals to stay warm.”

Henrico police say they still need supplies for the homeless and if you would donate, they ask that the items are new.

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