Expensive internet driving up Virginians' utility bills, according to study

((Source: Move.org))
Published: Jan. 31, 2019 at 9:37 PM EST
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(WWBT) - Every wondered how your utility bills compare to customers in other states?

Here in Virginia, we’re not doing too badly, though we’re paying a lot for internet.

Virginia is No. 3 for the highest internet bills, according to analysis done by Move.org.

The analysis found that Virginians are forking over $75 per month for 60 megabyte/second internet access. The only states paying more are Alaska and Rhode Island.

The commonwealth is 21st nationally in overall utility rates, with monthly expenditures totaling $430.41.

The analysis excludes cable and water because state-by-state data was unavailable. The national average was used for each state to calculate its total bill.

We’re slightly below average in electricity rates at $110.60 per month, which ranked 26th, and slightly above average in natural gas payments, coming in 22nd with a monthly fee of $104.81.

If you’re looking for lower bills, head west where Idaho, Utah, Montana and Washington pay the least.

But don’t go too far west because Hawaii and Alaska are the most expensive states in the country.

Utility bills in Hawaii total $730.86 per month, a whopping $202.90 more than second-place Alaska.

Virginians on average pay $86.70 more per month than Idaho, which has the lowest total rate in the country.

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