Woman hopes to raise money for horse rescues with book

Horses in Dewitt

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Dinwiddie County native Carrie Emerson is looking to help other horse rescues around the world with her book, “Faces of Rescue.”

“I going to write this book and bring light to this plate of horses that need to be rescued, or horses that have been rescued to show that not every horse in a kill pin or in a bad situation is a bad horse,” said Emerson.

The book revolves around real-life horse rescues that were submitted by horse owners across the world.

“We’ve had stories from all over America come in, but also from other countries like Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Turkey, Istanbul and Russia," said Emerson. “I was reading through some of these stories...I was just sitting there with tears in my eyes and tissues, and other stories I was laughing and cheering for the horse.”

Emerson has rescued at least 10 horses on her farm, so she understands the struggles that horse rescuers have.

She plans to use the proceeds from the book and donate them to rescues across the country.

“Help save more horses. Help with vet bills, help with fed, help rescue them from slaughter houses and pipelines," said Emerson. “Compassion goes along ways, not just for horses but for all animals.”

Her book will be available on Amazon.

Faces of Rescue by Carrie Emerson
Faces of Rescue by Carrie Emerson

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