Church Hill residents frustrated over recent car break-ins

Church Hill residents frustrated over recent car break-ins

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Church Hill residents are on edge after a string of recent car break-ins.

“I don’t leave pennies so they didn’t have a successful trip,” Church Hill native Lisha Jackson said.

Licia Jackson says enough is enough after recent car break-ins in her Church Hill neighborhood.

"First of all I lost my breath. I was thinking ‘Oh my gosh, not again’, Jackson said.

Jackson is no stranger to the crimes.

Last year her car was hit twice within a week. Tuesday, it was hit again.

“I noticed my passenger door open and when I arrived to the truck everything was turned outside in and inside out,” Jackson said.

Jackson said her doors were locked.

“The inside of my CD boxes were shredded. My seat covers and flood covers were all distorted.” Jackson said.

From the front to the back, these thieves left nothing untouched.

"My seats were up in the back and the door was left open,” Jackson said.

Jackson isn’t the only one either.

Richmond Police said Thursday night alone there were four different reports of break-ins.

All the cars were left unlocked and one was still running.

“We work hard for our things and for someone to carelessly come by and take or break or vandalize. It’s a violation!” Jackson said.

Since Dec. 1, police said there have been several reports of vehicle break-ins in the Church Hill Area.

We did some digging on our own.

A map from the Online Community Crime Map shows dozens of car break-ins all over Richmond since Dec. 1.

(Source: LexisNexis)
(Source: LexisNexis) (Source: NBC12)

“If it’s not yours leave it a lone. Period. Leave it alone. If you need money come by during the daytime and ask if you can rake a yard or pickup leaves and someone will be happy to give you change,” Jackson said.

Jackson has a warning for neighbors.

“Please don’t leave your valuables in your vehicles at any point. Not even during the daylight,” Jackson said.

Richmond police said they arrested one person in connection to a theft Thursday night.

No word if they is connected to the others.

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