New House of Delegates redistricting map favors Democrats

New House of Delegates redistricting map favors Democrats

RICHMOND, VA (AP and WDBJ) - With every bill they introduced this year, members of the General Assembly were making their case for reelection.

But this year other factors are also in play.

Will the blue wave that swept more than a dozen Democrats into the House of Delegates two years ago continue?

And the latest question. Will a new court-ordered redistricting map shift the balance of power even further?

Bob Denton is a Virginia Tech Professor and WDBJ7 Political Analyst.

"26 seats being dealt with in certain ways, all more positive in terms of Democrats," Denton said Wednesday afternoon. "There is no question that if this stands, come fall the Democrats are not only going to take back the House, but will probably enjoy a seven or eight seat margin of victory."

Denton said the ruling will have a major impact on policy as well.

“Currently right now we’re seeing some things such as the ERA failing by two or three votes. We’re seeing measures as it’s related to gun legislation not coming out of committee, based upon two or three votes,” Denton said. “With the Democrats, if they control the House they’ll have those two or three votes to bring things legislatively that would be very historic for the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

The Republican Speaker of the House Kirk Cox has described the plan as "legally indefensible."

Critics of the plan will have until February 1st to file their objections with the court.