Facebook group with thousands of moms mobilizes to help furloughed families

Facebook group with thousands of moms mobilizes to help furloughed families
The Facebook group mobilizes to quickly help others.

MIDLOTHIAN, VA (WWBT) - A Midlothian moms Facebook group - with nearly 10,000 members - is mobilizing to help families impacted by the federal government shutdown.

The group recently organized together to put together a truckload of supplies to TSA workers who are working without getting a paycheck.

“I had a designated tea area, but I got too much other stuff recently, so I’m gonna just have to get creative,” said Felicia Brantner, a local mom to five boys, working to squeeze a box of tea into a stuffed food pantry.

She’s not working at a food kitchen or nonprofit group. Brantner saw an opportunity to serve others and opened up her home.

“We just start going through the shelves, like what do you guys eat?" said Brantner. "You know, can I throw you in some spaghetti or some noodles or do you feel like some green beans?”

Brantner and the Facebook group of local moms talk about everything from fevers to Halloween costumes to school trends to play dates.

The group grew and so did it’s mission to serve. It’s not just as a sounding board; it’s also a support system for several families suddenly finding themselves unexpectedly struggling because of the government shutdown.

“My neighbor, a couple of neighborhoods over, she just PM’ed (private message) me," said Brantner. "She’s a member of my group and asked me for a little bit of direction. She said we’re kind of getting down to this point where we need groceries and I don’t know what we’re going to do.”

But Brantner knew exactly what they could do. She called on her mom army to help - and they delivered.

“Every time I post the need on my page, the moms come through," said Brantner. "You see what you can do. And knowing that you have that kind of power, how do you say no to that?”

The Midlothian Moms food pantry has helped families in trouble before as it’s adopted local families for holidays and toy drives.

“This one family," reflected Brantner, "they were so incredibly grateful. She didn’t know you know what she would have done.”

Moms are caregivers and doers and planners and helpers. And when you combine their strengths by the thousands, Brantner says that’s when you really see the magic.

A simple act of service, making such a beautiful difference, not just filling bellies, but serving up hope as well.

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