Backyards in Chester neighborhood flooded thanks to critters

Backyards in Chester neighborhood flooded thanks to critters

CHESTER, VA (WWBT) - A Chester man says his backyard has turned into a swamp over the past few weeks.

“This has been going on for three, if not four, weeks and it’s just sitting there. The trash is starting to back up and it’s just getting to be a little bit nasty,” homeowner Brian Skora said.

Skora said his yard went from a grassy lawn to a swampy mess.

“Normally, the fence would be the barrier between my yard and the neighbors yard. We keep mine nice with more a yard and grass, further down it’s more of a wooded area,” Skora said.

Skora believes this is all from a blocked culvert, not even a quarter of a mile down from where he lives.

"It’s above my head, and you could probably get a small car in it and through it if it was open. It should be open on both ends but it’s completely and 100 percent blocked on one end,” Skora said.

It’s not just about the water, this father says his children have no place where they can play.

“We got a trampoline for Christmas and my daughter wants to come back and play on it. It’s a little difficult now,” Skora said.

Skora reached out to Chesterfield County but they said they can’t help. County officials say it’s because the culvert is under the tracks belonging to CSX railroad. CSX has to be the ones to remove the blockage.

CSX officials say the blockage is thanks to eager beavers building dams inside the culverts.

They said they have a team working to safely remove them from the area.

In the meantime, crews have put in pumps hoping to drain out some of the water before crews come in to remove the blockage.

“I don’t think the unclogging will take a long time, but...preventing the issue from coming back that might take a little more thought. But right now, I would like to get this thing cleaned up for now,” Skora said.

The representative from CSX said they hope to have the beavers safely removed and relocated soon.

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