5-year-old Cub Scout donates hair to cancer patients

5 year old cub scout donates hair to cancer patients

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Five year old Gabby Pierce has decided to cut her hair and donate it to cancer patients who need it the most.

Pierce’s love for helping others sparks from the Cub Scout group called Pack 3-41 in Middlesex, Virginia.

Their honor code oath is to “always help other people at all times."

“She came to (me) one day and said, ‘mommy, I thought about it and the scout’s oath says to help other people at all times, so I want to cut my hair and donate it,’” said her mother Pamela Pierce.

Before Gabby decided to cut her hair, it went all the way down her back.

(Source: Pierce Family)
(Source: Pierce Family)

“Sometimes I never cut my hair, and I never done before so I just wanted to go for it,“ said Gabby Pierce.

“I didn’t know if she would actually go through with it. I thought she would freak out and back out, but she was so excited about it and that made me excited about it,” said her mother.

Gabby’s parents are humbled by her selflessness and says she’s leading by example for her little brother.

“He’s learning from her on the right things to do. She’s setting a good example for him,” said her dad, Michael Pierce.

As for Gabby, she hopes everyone will follow her noble act and donate their hair to someone in need.

“It was a big step for her and we definitely hope that she continues to be like this and be selfless and think of others before herself," said her dad.

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