Former Marine, transgender advocate speaks out on military ban

Former Marine, Transgender advocate speaks out on military ban

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Tracy Monegain hung up her combat boots a long time ago.

She is a former Marine and transgender woman who now spends her days curating the Iridian Art Gallery. She’s also an advocate for the rights of LGBTQ service men and women through the Transgender Veterans Support Group.

Tuesday’s vote by the Supreme Court to uphold the Trump Administration’s ban on transgender military personnel didn’t sit well with her or her group members.

The court decided to uphold the ban in a close 5 to 4 vote.

“They can be discharged. There is it, the government just leaving them out on the street," she said.

Proponents to the ban say the issue is a concern over a condition called ‘gender dysphoria.’

“[It’s] is a medical condition, and there are many medical condition that exclude Americans from participating in the military," Alexandra McPhee, the Family Research Council spokesperson, tell us.

McPhee points out other conditions that could disqualify someone from service, such as color blindness or flat feet.

“It’s exclusionary but that’s what we want the military to be," McPhee said. "We want the most fit and the most psychologically well folks serving our country.”

Still, Monegain says that banning transgender military personnel will cause them to lose out on so much than the freedom to serve their country.

“You lose medical benefits. You lose buying a house - because you were in the service, you get a lower mortgage rate. It will affect that. They’re stranding these people," she said.

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