Company helps three-time cancer survivor with heating, plumbing problems

Home repaired for 3-time cancer survivor

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - After coming into financial hardship, a company helped a three-time cancer survivor in Church Hill with her heating and plumbing problems.

Carolyn Patterson’s broken heater and shower were huge problems, but easy fixes for Bradley Mechanical, who took care of the issues in no time.

"Thank you so much. I really appreciate you. Coming out to fix this for me. Thank you. Thank you, Jesus, for putting him in my life, Lord. Oh, Lord. Pray for me. Pray for everybody. We’ve got to pray for one another,” Patterson said, giving the technician a hug.

Financial stress is one of the sinister sides of cancer. For two years, Patterson and her grandson managed without the upstairs shower that didn’t release any water.

“I just wasn’t able to do anything, and sometimes I felt kind of embarrassed to ask people... I almost lost my home. I got behind in my electric bill. I got behind in my water bill. I tried to seek help. I called people. I went to churches," Patterson said.

A malfunctioning heating system that made their home too hot upstairs to breathe and too cold downstairs to sit.

“With my immune system, I can easily get a cold. Get sick. I just want to be able to have some heat, so I can be warm and my grandson,” Patterson said.

The resolution she needed came together without a hitch.

“We took the pressure balancer out. It was stuck, so we cleaned it and greased it. I think it’s going to work OK," Mike, with Bradley Mechanical, said.

Matt, a second Bradley Mechanical technician, took care of her heating concerns. A broken heater was the cause of her auxiliary heat running constantly.

“The elements have popped on it. They have to be replaced,” he said.

Company owner Brad, of Bradley Mechanical, replaced the old heater and installed a new shower part.

“We were able to show her how to adjust the damper, which (will) slow some of (the) air down upstairs and push a little more downstairs. It should make it a lot better,” Brad said.

“I just want to give praise from and thank them so much from the good grace of my heart. You all are awesome,” Patterson said.

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