Video shows car slamming into pharmacy

Video shows car slamming into pharmacy

GOOCHLAND, VA (WWBT) - An elderly woman in Goochland is charged with reckless driving after she slammed her car into a pharmacy Tuesday morning. Surveillance video captured the car plowing through the front door – coming to a stop some 30-feet inside of the Goochland Pharmacy.

"It sounded like a tornado, almost like the light fixtures had fell to the floor but it kept getting louder and kept coming. So we dropped and slid back because we wasn’t sure what it was,” said Sarah Nelson, who works at Goochland Pharmacy.

It happened at the around 11:30 a.m.

Video shows car slamming into pharmacy

Nelson said an elderly woman, who frequents the pharmacy, showed up but instead of pressing the brakes, she slammed on the gas pedal.

There’s now a trailer full of merchandise the store will have to throw away.

"It was about 300 everywhere….We lost multiple fixtures of merchandise, three different counter displays. So, many candles were broken so it added additional glass,” Nelson added.

Video shows car slamming into Goochland Pharmacy (Source: Sarah Taylor)

As the day went on, customers began showing up to pick up prescriptions - unable to get inside.

“I just left work and came up here to get some stuff for the pharmacy, and this is what I found,” Lillie Thornton said.

The store had to greet customers at the entrance, as it was only able to fill urgent prescriptions Tuesday.

Deputies have charged the elderly driver with reckless driving. She was uninjured in the crash.

"She was shaken up but she was healthy. She was OK. She could walk. She could talk…Her first comment to us was that she had never been in an accident before,” Nelson said.

Owners are working through the night to get the debris cleaned up. Normal operations are expected to resume soon.

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