Potholes pop up across Central Virginia

People complain about potholes

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -The cold weather causes headaches for drivers on the road, and you have probably seen them too: Potholes!

“Some of the roads are pretty bad, pretty dangerous,” Driver Jacob Harrold said.

Recent winter storms and freezing temperatures are causing more potholes to pop up across the Richmond area.

“Going down Jahnke Road there are a lot of potholes, especially going toward Chippenham. I see one on my commute almost everyday,” Harrold said.

Jacob Harrold isn’t the only one.

“I find a lot of potholes on Huguenot and Forest Hill,” Molly Adtoora said.

“I’d say Jahnke Road is pretty bad,” Paul Stevens said.

People say there is only one thing that comes to mind when they see potholes: money.

“Well I drive a very old car and when I hit a pothole it’s almost like panic mode,” Harold said.

“I think about the cost to my car and I think about the taxes I pay and why I’m having to pay extra to get my car fixed,” Adtoora said.

“It’s frustrating. I wish the city took care of it a little more but I understand the weather creates these and they fix them and it gets created again,” Stevens said.

“We have made some complaints about some of the potholes and it takes a long time to get anything done and you have to complain a lot,” Adtoora said.

Sharon North with Richmond Public Works said her crews fill in potholes all year long around the city.

Naturally after the weather we have seen, more might pop up.

The Virginia Department of Transportation focuses on potholes, covering more than 58,000 miles of interstates and highways.

VDOT says they focus on patching potholes as soon as possible, especially those in travel lanes.

Adtoora said she doesn’t mind a little road work but only if there’s change.

“I think road construction is something that we are use to in Richmond and we expect it. It doesn’t seem to be a problem when it’s making a difference. It’s totally worth it,” Adtoora said.

If you want to report a pothole in the city of Richmond, it’s simple. Call 311 or contact the Department of Public Works at 804-646-6430.

For interstates and highways, contact VDOT at 1-800-367-7623

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