Red Cross offers tips to stay safe in bitter cold

Tips to stay safe in the bitter cold

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - At this point in the season, many have already taken precautions to keep their houses warm when the temperatures drop.

Running your water to keep your pipes from freezing and keeping your heaters away from the drapes are just some methods to keeping your living space – house, apartment or temple – safe and cozy.

But what about your physical well-being?

Red Cross representative Jon McNamara tell us, “Just like in the extreme heat, extreme cold can make medical conditions worse," so physical stress can make you susceptible to illnesses – especially in the cold.

“Any of that outside work that you may be doing: outside exercise, try to bring that in or at least limit it," McNamara said.

You may also want to give a quick courtesy check next door.

“Be a good neighbor. So if you can check on your neighbors, especially any elderly neighbors who may have medical conditions, just make sure they’re okay," he suggests.

But if all else fails and you find yourself coming down with a little more than the sniffles, McNamara says there’s an app for that.

The Red Cross First Aid app has a list of symptoms of cold-related illnesses and an actual checklist of steps to take in preparation for extreme weather conditions.

McNamara does say that if you do find yourself a little under the weather, nothing can substitute for an old-fashioned doctor’s visit.

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