What you need to do to prepare for the freezing weekend temperatures

What you need to do to prepare for the freezing weekend temperatures

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It’s important to be prepared when temperatures start to drop this weekend.

Dana Davis of Anytime Plumbing said that since most kitchen sinks are on exterior walls, one of the first things homeowners should do is up the cabinet doors and put your hands in there to check for a draft.

“That’s letting you know that there’s air coming in, which will create a windchill. So, it might be 30 degrees outside but it might be 20 degrees from the draft that’s coming in,” Davis said.

If your pipes burst, the main thing is to make sure you know how to shut the water off.

“You go to cut the water off, you will still have water in the lines, it’s called residual. You always want to open up a hose bib on the outside because that’s the lowest point,” Davis said.

Also, make sure your crawl space vents are closed and insulated. If you see any light, Davis says that means those spaces need to be insulated.

Billy Allen, of Allen Tire, said there are three big things that need to be checked now to get ready - your car’s air pressure, antifreeze and battery.

“When you come out Monday morning, turn your headlights on for 15-30 seconds. That will actually get your battery to warm up and be a little stronger to start the car,” Allen said.

Also, don’t forget to turn your windshield wipers off when you turn off your car in the rain.

“When you start your car Monday morning and it’s 15 degrees outside and those wipers are on, it’s going to break something,” Allen said.

Letting your car warm up for a few minutes is crucial.

“Even just two-three minutes (of) warming up your car would make all the difference in the world,” Allen said.

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