Goodwill offers temporary work to furloughed federal workers

Goodwill offers temporary work to furloughed federal workers

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Goodwill is living up to it’s namesake for people that find themselves out of work due to the government shutdown.

Director of Workforce Development Shawn Smith tells us that the nonprofit is looking to do it’s part to help out the local community.

“This definitely a special population that has a barrier that they can’t control, which is the federal shutdown," he said. “We like reaching out to them - when we have opportunities for people to work.”

Smith says furloughed workers who apply will be placed in either newly-created positions or in modified shifts at retail stores or agency locations.

There are 80 open positions, with additional spots with employers that partner with Goodwill.

The Central and Coastal Virginia Chapter covers 39 cities and counties, with 34 stores and dozens more donations sites.

Interested workers must apply at the Community Employment Centers, such as the one on Midlothian Turnpike before being assigned.

Smith said that the idea for the initiative only came about this past week as department heads brainstormed ways for Goodwill to lend a helping hand, at a time when some people need it the most.

“Our mission is to help people help themselves through the power of work," he said.

Smith said this initiative will go on for as long as the shutdown continues.

Interested workers need to contact their local Goodwill Community Employment Centers to apply.

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