VCU Study: City won’t break even on Redskins Training Camp until 2023

VCU Study: City won’t break even on Redskins Training Camp until 2023
Redskins training camp

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The city won’t break even from the Redskins training camp deal until at least 2023. That’s three years after the 10-year deal with the Redskins expires, according to a new report out of VCU.

Richmond asked VCU’s Center for Urban and Regional Analysis to review the controversial deal from former Mayor Dwight Jones' administration. Inked in 2012 by City Council, Richmond agreed to build the $10 million Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Camp on West Leigh Street. The Economic Development Authority also agreed to pay the team $500,000 each year in cash or in-kind services.

Bon Secours sponsored the camp in exchange for a lease of the old Westhampton School property in the West End. It was supposed to renovate the property and create a nursing school. Now the health system wants to demolish part of the school and build a medical office.

Critics of the deal say the city gave too much and hasn’t seen much in return. It is not known if the team plans to stay at the training camp and create a new deal.

The study projects after 2020 parts of the deal will generate more than $18 million in revenue. The study predicts the site itself, which is near Scott’s Addition, could be attractive to developers.

The team has until June 2020 to let the city know if it will move on or if it wants to keep training camp in Richmond.

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