Police search for leads in cold case murder of Varina High Senior

Police search for leads in cold case murder of Varina High Senior
Henrico Police search for leads in cold case murder of Kivonte Sessoms. (Source: NBC12)

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Henrico Police are searching for new leads in the murder of an 18-year-old Varina High School Senior.

Kivonte Sessoms was shot and killed March 2, 2017 at the intersection of Futura and Westover Avenues while walking home from the store.

“On the way back to his house a subject approached him near the intersection, an exchange occurred resulting in Kivonte being one time in the chest,” said Detective Justin Richter.

In the nearly two years since the crime happened, investigators have not been able to find the person(s) responsible.

“We’ve had people come forward before and they’ve provided information to help lay that baseline to figure out what happened,” Richter said. “But not so much the individuals involved.”

Kivonte’s mother, Latisha, has been searching for answers to why and who could have taken her son away.

“We love Kivonte a whole lot,” Latisha said. “We know there are some people out there who have information that have not shared it yet. I just want them to think if this was their loved one how would they feel knowing that people have the information to get justice for their loved one and no one is coming forward.”

Sessoms said it’s frustrating to sit nearly two years after her sons death and not have answers.

“He got into music,” Sessoms said. “He played football, baseball was very athletic. Of course he wanted to play football for his profession.”

“Everybody kind of knew him around the County,” Richter said. “From the east end to the west end, even on the southside, everyone knew Kivonte one way or the other.”

Sessoms believes the person responsible may be involved in a stolen gun ring.

“When Latisha checked his Instagram account she saw pictures from some of the people who were involved with stolen guns,” said Senator Jennifer McClellan.

Earlier this week McClellan tried to push for a law which would fine gun owners who did not report their firearms stolen or missing within 24 hours. The bill failed in committee.

“We’re looking at all angles; we won’t rule anything out at this point,” Richter said. “We do have a couple of theories. I can’t say 100-percent that that’s one of them, but we’re looking at every possible scenario of what caused this.”

Now detectives and Sessoms are urging the public to come forward with any information.

"To me, it's not snitching,” Sessoms said. “It's getting justice for someone's life. Because if that was your family member, you would want someone to tell the truth."

“He never went to prom, never graduated,” Richter said. “He’s never going to do these things that we do on a daily basis. That was taken from him, that was taken from the family. They’ll never have grand-kids coming from Kivonte. They’ve lost that part of life - forever changed.”

Anyone with information on Sessoms’ case is urged to contact Henrico Police or Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000.

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