News to know for Jan. 18: Shutdown continues, but relief is available; big chill on the way

Top headlines for Jan. 18

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We opened this week with some snow and ice, and we could be opening next week the same way.

‘I never knew. I never understood’

A Richmond police officer uses his personal experience with domestic violence to help others struggling with their own pain. De’Dongio Randall was born while his mother was in a coma. Randall’s father shot her and she gave birth to him before she died. Randall first met his father in prison 25 years later. He first learned of his situation when he was 10 years old and watched a news clip on a VHS tape and asking his grandmother to explain it to him.

Domestic violence: Breaking the silence

Shutdown relief

As the government shutdown continues without a deal in sight, several places in the Richmond area are offering assistance to those affected. Food will be distributed, restaurants are offering freebies and discounts, free pet food is available and banks are offering financial help.

Feeling the pinch of no pay during shutdown

Call and response

A dispute between President Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made a major splash Thursday. Pelosi called on Trump to delay the State of the Union address scheduled for Jan. 29. Trump responded by denying Pelosi a military aircraft to visit troops deployed in Afghanistan. Trump dismissed the trip as a “public relations event” and a Pelosi spokesperson struck back saying Trump and Republican leaders had made similar trips during the government shutdown.

What else is happening?

Here are some other stories that may be of interest:

Recall: Chicken nuggets may contain wood pieces

Bill proposes raising tobacco-buying age to 21


A little rain, maybe a little snow and a lot of cold air headed our way this weekend.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Friday a little warmer and dry

What day is it?

Friday, Jan. 18 – National Thesaurus Day

What’s Trending

A little puppy with an incurable condition needs hugs. He’s also been the beach and will soon get to play in the snow.

Dying puppy to gets hugs as part of bucket list

Adoptable Animal

Go ahead. Make his day.

Check out how handsome and regal Clint Beakwood is. He knows it too. Somehow, he still hasn't gotten adopted yet! All he...

Posted by Chesterfield County Animal Services on Thursday, January 17, 2019

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