‘We have been put in a situation that is unimaginable:’ 24-year-old paralyzed after shooting

“We have been put in a situation that is unimaginable:” 24-yr-old paralyzed after shooting

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - After a local barber was shot and paralyzed, his family is fighting alongside him as he recovers. They are also hoping to help put an end to gun violence.

“We have been put in a situation that is unimaginable -- he needs the right care when he leaves the hospital,'' explained Alexandra Clark.

On Jan. 2, her son, Jeremy McKellon, was shot while sitting in his car at a stoplight at Graham and Crater Roads in Petersburg. Clark tells NBC12 that investigators say it was a case of mistaken identity. Just a day later, Terrell Fisher was arrested and charged with the crime.

“I don’t feel anger, I felt hurt,” said Clark. “Things need to change in the community.”

Clark says Jeremy served in the military and is known in the community for his skills as a barber. The family was planning a grand opening this month for a new business.

“Jeremy has always been the person that wanted to help he will give you his last," said. “[He is] humble, caring and loving.”

She is thankful for the outpouring of support shown from the community in the days and weeks that have followed. Clark is able to see how much an impact Jeremy has on the community through those calling, donating and sending well wishes.

Clark says Jeremy is able to speak mainly in whispers, and while most days are difficult, they are holding on to their faith through the challenges.

“The most difficult part is to see my son in a helpless situation, we are of course trying to turn it into something positive," said Clark. “We know there are a lot of families impacted by gunshot violence and didn’t make it out of it, so the story continues, the journey continues.”

While Jeremy remains in the hospital, Clark is looking ahead to what needs to be done to make sure he receives proper care.

“We’re at a stage right now, where I need to think about housing, proper housing for my soon that is suitable for his needs -- transportation -- we need a wheelchair and proper equipment," Clark explained. “I am open and optimistic that the community can come together and others we don’t even know.”

An online fundraiser has been started to help the family with Jeremy’s medical costs, but Clark is also seeking guidance from those who may know of the best resources for Jeremy’s recovery.

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