‘We aren’t supposed to have pets but we do now’: Richmond mother says apartment filled with mice

“We aren’t suppose to have pets but we do now” Richmond mother says apartment filled with mice

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A mother reached out to 12 On Your Side after discovering that she is living with mice in her apartment.

“Nothing I’m doing is helping to keep them at bay,” said the mother who doesn’t want to be identified.

This mother says mice are taking over her Whitcomb Court apartment.

“In the last two weeks I have caught nine, ten mice,” the woman said.

The woman said she finds droppings all over the house, on her children’s toys and under her sink.

“I’m cleaning out closets every other day because I have to sweep up mice droppings. I’m putting down traps. I’m paying for things that I feel like I shouldn’t have to pay for,” the woman said.

She said she is also worried about her and her children being bitten by the rodents.

We took her complaints to the Interim CEO of the RRHA, Orlando Artze.

“We had staff out there this [Thursday] morning to take care of it,” Artze said.

The woman we talk to said she has been complaining for weeks. Artze says his crews first learned about it Wednesday morning.

“Something like mice infestation we have both internally and externally teams of folks who will go in and take care of the problem,” Artze said.

We followed up with the woman and she said crews were at here place all day Thursday patching holes and hopefully stopping the issue.

“It doesn’t matter that this is the projects or low income housing. We should still have adequate housing. We should still be able to come in and close our door, be heated properly and feel like everything that’s outside can’t just walk in,” the woman said.

Many people say they have low faith with maintenance crews.

We took those concerns to Artze as well. He says his team gets over 3,000 complaints a month and take each one seriously, all residents have to do is call.

“If they don’t get a response within 24 hours, then they call back again,” Artze said.

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