4-year-old heart disease survivor spends birthday at Target

And it’s all caught in pictures

4-year-old heart disease survivor spends birthday at Target

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - They say parenting takes a village - and in this case, a little boy’s village stepped up.

Have you seen these adorable pictures on Facebook of 4-year-old Finn celebrating his birthday at Target?

Little Finn has a big personality and like most preschoolers, he’s full of energy and the giggles.

And Finn. loves. Target.

“He also loves Target because Target is red and that’s the color of his heart,” said Kelly Blumenthal, Finn’s mother.

Finn Blumenthal spent his birthday at his favorite store, Target. (Source: Blumenthal family)
Finn Blumenthal spent his birthday at his favorite store, Target. (Source: Blumenthal family) (Source: NBC12)

Finn’s heart is the center of this story. He was born with a severe heart disease- not expected to live past birth.

And many times in life, he has overcome expectations.

“Finn has been on high highs and low lows and to be there to document all of it- it’s his life story,” said family photographer Stephanie Tignor, who took the pictures.

She’s been there for every moment. Just like much of this community- following on his blog and supporting his brother.

Target, in fact, handed out little notes to his brother Mason when he visited the store after Finn had surgery, out of town. The notes were a little way to make a big thing easier for these brothers and help them feel connected.

Which brings us back to Target- and the reason the retail store so easily captured this 4-year-old’s heart.

The red color, the mascott, Bullseye and a big, at times seemingly unlikely, birthday.

“He walks, talks, plays and is just like a normal kid,” said Blumenthal.

Finn wasn’t supposed to make it to four. He wasn’t supposed to be born and live.

But many surgeries and miracles later, he’s not just four. He’s thriving. You can see it on his face in every picture.

Running the aisles, joining the Target team and even helping with the morning meeting.

“They sang happy birthday for him," said Blumenthal. "Gave him some high-fives and some hugs and then we run around the stores to get some presents to pick out with some gift cards. It’s just him being a kid, which is the most special part.”

Because for a family like this - and a kid like this- a trip to Target, means hitting a target. Meeting goals and surpassing them. And being able to plan for the future.

“Maybe he’ll work there one day," said Blumenthal.

It wouldn’t be surprising. And it’s why this story is so “heart-warming."

Finn’s heart, at Target, on his birthday. One that was at one time unthinkable- and is now just a number.

A big number four. Let that sink in and make you smile.

We hear there might be an even bigger Target surprise in the works for Finn, so we’ll keep you posted.

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