Places north, west of Richmond see inches of snow

Places north, west of RVA see more snow

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A wintry mix fell across central Virginia Sunday evening making roads in Caroline County impossible to travel on.

“Some of the small cars were sliding a little bit,” Megan Terrell said.

Terrell lives off of Route 207 in Caroline County. Her street is slick and dangerous.

“It’s usually one of the last streets to get plowed because it’s such a small street,” Terrell said.

“Once the temperature starts to drop we are going to see ice patches as usual,” Curtis Holton said.

Holton was out for the first time earlier. He says things are only getting worse.

“Just be careful. It’s dangerous riding around in this stuff. Don’t take it for granted,” Holton said.

As day turns to night, the snow started to pick up.

Caroline County Schools decided to close Monday. The parking lot of the local high school looked like a skating rink.

As our crew traveled from Caroline County to Hanover, many drivers fell victim to the dangerous conditions.

Crash after crash, the side of the highway turned into a parking lot.

Viginia State Police responded to hundreds of crashes. One took place at mile marker 104 when the driver of a Dodge pickup truck ran off the road and into a bridge pillar.

“It sounded like an avalanche,” Brooke Martin said.

Martin was eating dinner with her family in Hanover when the snow and ice started to pick up again.

“All of a sudden we heard this loud noise coming from our front yard. We didn’t know what it was but we thought it was snow or a gush of wind,” Martin said.

Their huge leland cypress tree came crashing down on their 20-year-old home, cracking under the pressure of the heavy snow and ice.

“It was just scary to hear that big sound and not know what’s going on,” James Martin said.

That’s when the neighborhood came together.

“Within 15 minutes we had four sets of neighbors. They all had chainsaws and light kits. They just jumped right in,” James Martin said.

As temperatures drop and the ground gets colder, officials want you to stay off the roads.

“I would say if you don’t have to go anywhere then don’t go. If you can call out then call out,” Terrell said.

Virginia State Police say the driver of the Dodge truck that crashed is in serious condition at the hospital.

That driver now faces reckless driving charges after police say he was driving way too fast on the ice.

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