Icy roadways lead to accidents across Central Virginia

VDOT warns: Roads will freeze over tonight

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The second round of snow and sleet made for dangerous roadways around the River City.

First responders were on scene along Powhite Parkway early Sunday evening assisting motorists who had gotten into accidents or veered off the roadways due to the wintry conditions.

This minivan had to be pulled out by firefighters early Sunday evening.
This minivan had to be pulled out by firefighters early Sunday evening.

VDOT Spokesperson Jessica Cowardin tells us that VDOT crews will continue working 12-hour shifts and monitoring road temperatures until the storm fully passes over.

“Beware when you see something that looks wet, it’s probably going to [freeze into] black ice in the overnight hours and early morning," she warns drivers.

Cowardin recommends drivers take it easy on the roads tomorrow, going slow and allowing ample time to get to your destination safely.

One Richmonder told us she will definitely be taking it slow Monday morning after her experience driving tonight.

“I came across the bridge from Forest Hill. It was definitely icey. Everyone had their hazards on, and I know a whole bunch of trucks definitely got in the fast lane to pass me and quickly got right back over,” Brianna Dorset said.

Others were hoping for just a little more accumulation.

“I like the winter, I like the snow. I’m disappointed that this is all we got," Joe Seager said.

Road crews aren’t the only ones working around the clock during the storm.

State Police tell us that since midnight Saturday, they’ve responded to hundreds of car crashes and disabled cars - with over 100 crashes in Richmond alone.

The dangerous conditions could stretch into the morning commute, and Cowardin says VDOT crews will be on standby.

“That period between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m., that’s when we’re closely watching road temperatures. So we’re going to be out there monitoring and treating as needed,” she said.

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