Ready for snow? Here’s how to keep your car safe

Tips to keep you safe in the winter weather

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The safest thing you can do as snow begins to fall this weekend is stay indoors, but if you have to brave the roads, there are some simple things you can do to get your car snow ready.

“Last month we saw quite a bit of snow and there were quite a few crashes as a result especially here in Central Virginia,” said Tammy Arnette with AAA.

Arnette said that people should not treat snow days like normal days and that you should give yourself plenty of time to clear your car, taking special care to clear off more than just your windshield before you head out in snowy conditions.

“Get the back windshield, get the mirrors, get your mirrors on the side and don’t forget the roof of your car because that can fly off to somebody else’s vehicle or worse yet a pedestrian or somebody on two wheels,” said Arnette.

Another tip is to keep things like de-icer, snow scrapers even snow shovels inside of your home before the snow falls.

“Don’t leave it in your car make sure you have it in your house or somewhere that you can grab it because if you leave it in your car and you need it to get in your car that kind of defeats the purpose,” said Arnette.

Arnette also adds that you should never pour hot water on your windshield to get rid rid of ice or frost because the temperature difference could cause your windows to crack.

Some other tips to keep in mind include wrapping your mirrors in plastic bags to prevent ice from building up. This will help to keep your side mirror clear after snow has fallen.

If the locks on your car are frozen, Arnette adds that spraying WD-40 on frozen locks can also unfreeze them.

Arnette said that cat owners may have an every day item you can use can use to get you unstuck from the snow.

“Kitty litter actually can help you gain traction should you get stuck in the snow,” said Arnette. “If you don’t have anything like that in your vehicle you actually have things that can help you out (like) your car mats which can help you gain traction.”

Emergency kits complete with warm blankets, flares, first aid kits, extra jumping cables, food water and neon safety vests are also essential to keep in your trunk should you ever find yourself stuck in the snow.

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