Jumper cables, flashlight, bottled water part of recommended snow preparedness kit

What you need for a snow preparedness kit

(WWBT) - With another snow storm expected this weekend, now is a good time to make sure you and your car are prepared in the event of an emergency.

Some basic essentials can go a long way in helping you overcome the obstacles Mother Nature puts down.

A snow brush and shovel are necessary to clear off your car and get out of where it is parked – or where you got it stuck.

It’s also a good idea to have some food such as non-perishable protein bars, bottled water and a blanket in your car, especially if you are making a trip and could be stranded for an extended period.

Your cell phone and a car charger are important lifelines in emergency situations, and if your phone has a virtual assistant, such as Siri, set up the voice-activated feature so in case you can’t reach your phone, you can still make a call using voice commands. (It worked for a man in Nevada.)

The Virginia Department of Transportation recommends motorists keep an ice scraper, jumper cables, flashlight with extra batteries, a first aid kit and abrasive material such as sand or cat litter in their vehicle.

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