Dominion preparing for snow-related power outages

Dominion preparing for snow-related power outages

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The second major snowfall in as many months is set to touchdown in Richmond, prompting power crews like Dominion Energy to be on standby for the majority of the weekend.

“Ice is really one of the most complicated weather conditions, from a power restoration standpoint,” said Dominion Energy spokesperson Rayhan Daudani.

He suggests being prepared in case of an outage by calling Dominion as soon as your power goes out to ensure quick restoration, along with having essentials - like generators and food.

Daudani does point out the silver lining with the upcoming storm, as compared to December’s snowfall - and it all has to do with the trees.

“You can look at the trees, there are no leaves left on them and so what we’ll likely see if there is any snow an accumulation is that the branches will come down, but it won’t come down quite as heavy as when we had all the leaves on the trees," he said.

The dig-out is inevitable, so Pleasants Hardware Manager Jason Askew showed us some of the hottest items to help beat the cold.

“Just a nice, heavy shovel with a blade on it,” he said.

He also suggests getting Ice Melt.

“After the first snow drops, it melts, it refreezes ... You’re going to need it for the steps and sidewalks," he said.

Apart from them milk, eggs, or bread, Libbie Market manager David Taylor says there are some other popular - but uncommon - items like stew, chilis, and soups.

The Libbie Market was packed Friday with people who say they stopped in for last-minute items before they hunker down for the weekend.

Taylor says there’s been an uptick of customers each day this week since Wednesday, with perhaps double the volume of customers on Saturday.

He suggests that if you need to get some last minute things, go early to beat the crowds.

To reach Dominion Energy in the case of an outage, call 1-866-DOM-HELP.

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