Owl recovering at Richmond Wildlife Center to be flight tested

Owl recovering at Richmond Wildlife Center to be flight tested
Richmond Wildlife Center took in this barred owl after it flew into a screen door.

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A barred owl is on the mend at Richmond Wildlife Center after flying into a screened porch.

The center said the owl is sore and bruised, but did not sustain any broken bones.

It was treated for ocular trauma and mild head trauma, but has recovered and is being flight tested. The owl’s feathers were damaged, so it is being evaluated for its ability to fly silently.

The owl will also go through “mouse school” to test its flight and vision.

The wildlife center said barred owls can fly up to 40 mph and hunt by sound, but also possess excellent night vision.

A broad-winged hawk that suffered similar injuries after being hit by a car in December was treated by Richmond Wildlife Center and released into the wild.

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