New business gives new meaning to work-family balance

The Balance Space offers office site with child care

New business gives new meaning to work-family balance

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Balancing parenting and working is an age-old challenge. But a new business is trying to eliminate some of the hurdles for those trying to do both. And it’s getting a lot of attention.

Any parent knows the “balancing” act of coordinating work, kids, activities, meals, and life is more of a dodgeball game. But it may not have to be.

The Balance Space, run by experienced moms, plans to simplify the game for working parents.

“Bunny and I have both had this experience where we’re trying to juggle a laptop and a toddler on our laps at the same time and it’s extremely hard to concentrate," said Amy Rose Miller, co-founder of The Balance Space.

“It’s really hard to not feel bad about focusing on your child or focusing on your work so this is going to hopefully solve that problem for a lot of parents,” said Miller.

The Balance Space is an area with all the perks of an office - private rooms, desks, or group spaces - and also has a kitchen, podcast room and lounges. Then there’s also child care ... on site.

“Sometimes with the schools here, Virginia tends to have a lot of snow days," laughed Miller. "And it is extremely difficult to run a business and (be a) mom at the same time, especially when your children are young.”

There is an infant room, toddler room, and homework room for older kids. For the adults, in addition to a workspace, there are workshops, classes, a lactation room, and even a fitness room.

“For me, going to the gym as a new mom meant going to the gym for 30 minutes to an hour to workout,” said co-founder Bunny Young. “Thirty minutes to an hour to take the shower, and then had to drop the kid off at the daycare and then go to work. So that’s like a four hour process and most moms or parents don’t have that.”

For one of the first participants, Amanda Team, this is a dream.

“It’s such a huge time saver," said Team. "For me to just be able to bring them here - even if it’s just for an hour - I can be so much more productive with my day. More balance. They’re happy. They come here, they’ve got a quiet space to sit and do their homework. But if they need me, I’m right down the hall. I’m only a few steps away.”

And that’s the goal - helping busy parents actually balance life a little bit more easily.

A basic membership to the space is $350 a month, which includes the space and child care. There’s even a day pass.

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