60-year-old Richmond man breaks world record completing 60 ironman races

60-year-old finishes 60 triathlons

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you need a little inspiration to start and complete your resolutions for 2019, look no further than Richmond native Will Turner.

Turner gained attention earlier in the year as he embarked on a mission to complete 60 ironman triathlon races at 60 years old.

Now nearly a year and over 8000 miles later, this ultra-athlete has finally accomplished his ultimate goal.

It’s often said it’s the journey that matters not the destination, but for a a year now as he swam, peddled and ran, Turner’s final destination is all he’s had on mind.

“The goal wasn’t to start this the goal was to finish it," said Turner. "I needed to see this though all the way to the end.”

Now on the final leg of his journey, at a marathoners pace, he braves the elements chipping away at his insane goal each time his foot meets the pavement.

“I think just the emotion and the magnitude of this journey is going to hit me," said Turner. “It always seems like it’s going to be further down the road and finally it’s here.”

And on a damp Friday night in front of the Sports Bakers Stadium in downtown Richmond, Turner finally did it.

Turner is the oldest person to ever complete 60 ironman triathlons, covering 8,436 collective miles of swimming, biking and running.

Turner initially broke the three-year-old World Record for most Ironman Triathlons completed in one year on October 4, 2018.

The Guinness World Record of 44 Ironmans completed in one year was previously held by the French athlete Ludovic Chorgnon in 2014/2015.

Turner matched that record at a race in Charlotte, NC on September 28, 2018.

As Turner strode to the finish embracing those who came to support him through a shower of champagne, he acknowledged that this victory is hardly his alone.

Turner is showered with champagne as he completes his 60th ironman triathlon
Turner is showered with champagne as he completes his 60th ironman triathlon (Source: A.J. Nwoko)

“I’ve got so much gratitude and feel so blessed for all the people that have come to my aide and supported me,” said Turner.

His races have taken him to every corner of the country inspiring everyone he meets to push their limits, too.

All the whiles he received testimonies and letters from those he’s impacted.

“I’ve had a woman who was in motorized vehicle to get around say they were able to get up and walk a mile,” said Turner.

Turner boldly races to help others live their bold.

"If a 60 yearly guy who’s not this big athlete can break the Guinness book of world record by just hard work and determination, then I think again we all have a lot of capability that we just have to reach out and go for it, said Turner.

“It just takes courage and belief to push ourselves to make that happen,” Turner added.

As for what’s next for Turner, he says he’s thinking about writing a book about his incredible feat.

In the meantime, he still plans on competing in ironman races.

Turner celebrating with his supporters at Sports Backers Stadium
Turner celebrating with his supporters at Sports Backers Stadium (Source: A.J. Nwoko)

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