Soggy 2018 brings record-setting rain

Soggy 2018 brings record-setting rain

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Since January, we’ve had 190 days of measurable precipitation which has resulted in the record-setting 63.5 inches of rain this year. That marks the second highest rain total ever in Richmond since 1889, with an incredible 71 inches.

“That’s crazy, that’s a lot of rain,” said Richmonder Sarah Green.

“Its rained a lot,” said Richmonder Vanessa DeAmbrosa.

“Officially as of midnight last night were at 62.4 inches of rain," said Meteorologist Megan Wise.

Richmond hasn’t seen this much rain since 2003 when rain totals were 63.3 inches.

“2018 is a really good example of the difference between what we expect kind of like our climate and what we get which is our weather,” said Climate and Weather Scientist at the Science Museum of Virginia Jeremy Hoffman.

Richmond's rain total average (Source: Science Museum of Virginia)
Richmond's rain total average (Source: Science Museum of Virginia)

On average, Richmond usually gets around 40 to 44 inches a year, but back in May and June we got 10 inches of rain each of those months, causing us to peak before schedule.

“We went over that total by about mid-august this year so that allowed us to accumulate more rain,” said Hoffman.

He says the reason we peaked so early in the summer was because of the tropical humid air coming from the south.

“As air warms up, it can actually hold more water vapor in the clouds and when it reaches us in Central Virginia, they can drop the moisture in them as rain,” said Hoffman.

Although we reached a new record, no one could have predicted this much rain at the beginning of the year.

“At the beginning of this year I don’t know what we realty expected other than we can be sure the global temperature can be a little bit warmer than usual,” said Hoffman.

"Hopefully 2019 we wont have as much rain and hopefully some more sunshine,” said Wise.

The year is not over yet. More rain will lbe added to the totals Monday, New Year’s Eve:

Forecast: Ending 2018 with another round of rain

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