Sound cannons used to scare off large flock of loafing vultures

Police: Large flock of vultures loafing near Randolph-Macon College

ASHLAND, VA (WWBT) - The Ashland Police Department is warning residents of a large flock of birds loafing near Randolph-Macon College and the College Park neighborhood.

Police said large groups of birds can cause property issues with damage and their droppings.

Officials will be conducting “a vulture nuisance abatement effort” for the next two weeks in the area.

(Source: Ashland Police Department)
(Source: Ashland Police Department)

“Using the noise-makers and other tools we will deter the vultures from lingering and encourage the flock to move on safely without harm to the birds,” the department wrote on their Facebook page.

Police said residents will occasionally hear booming and other sound effects throughout the day.

They started firing cannons Wednesday morning and a number of residents in the area said they were not notified.

“Again this morning, ‘Boom Boom!’. It wasn’t link it startled anyone but this time we didn’t receive any notice about the sound devices.” said Buddy Cousins.

Buddy Cousins is a long-time resident of Ashland. He says this has been a problem for the last ten years and it’s causing some concern.

“It’s a concern that they could become more aggressive. If they’re hungry they’re looking for something to eat.” said Cousins.

Ashland Police will continue to fire the sound cannons over the next couple of weeks to push the vultures out of the area.

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