Parents beware: Watch out for Fortnite charges on your credit card

More than 80 million people play "Fortnite" online.
More than 80 million people play "Fortnite" online.(Source: NBC12)
Updated: Dec. 26, 2018 at 12:17 PM EST
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(WWBT/WXIX) - If your kids are addicted to Fortnite this winter break, you’ll want to check your credit card charges right away.

An Ohio mom recently got a fraud alert from her credit card company, telling her about $950 in charges on her card were made through her sons' Fortnite accounts.

The mom says her older son took her credit cards and typed the numbers into both accounts without asking her.

Then the younger son, not understanding how credit cards work, started a Fortnite spending spree.

“Set up separate accounts, make them play under those separate accounts, and don’t associate credit cards with those, because there are always ways to work around those," said tech expert Dave Hatter.

The mom says she’s not allowing her children to play the game and is in the process of getting the charges reversed.

She says her sons pointed out that there are videos on YouTube encouraging Fortnite fans to do use their parents' credit cards, with some children bragging about the damage they did to their parents' plastic.

Hatter urges parents to learn how to turn off in-app purchases in not only Fortnite, but other games as well.

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