Old viruses could be living on your winter clothes

Old viruses could be living on your winter clothes

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Experts from the Virginia Department of Health say there are some viruses that can survive outside the body for weeks.

Just think of all the germs that could fester in and on your winter clothes. That’s why you need to wash them.

Spend just one day in the office and you’ll likely touch door knobs, pens, keyboards and then you put your hands in your gloves, which are the worst offenders. Make sure they get washed regularly to keep old contamination from causing a new illness.

Another highly susceptible article of clothing is your scarf. Scarves are constantly touching your face and hair and can trap germs that are spread when you cough.

Some experts say your winter coat should be cleaned at least three times during the winter season.

Most puffer coats can be washed, but down filled ones may break down in the machine, so they are best dry cleaned.

And don’t forget flu season is underway in Virginia. It’s not too late to get your flu shot.

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