Tip leads police to Henrico double-murder suspect hiding in New York

Father arrested in New York for double murder

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Henrico police are traveling to New York to speak with the man accused of shooting and killing his daughter and niece in Highland Springs, sources say.

Abdool Z. Zaman, 39, was arrested Tuesday morning by New York Police and the US Marshals Office.

Henrico Police Major Mike Palkovics said investigators received a tip from someone claiming Zaman was in New York.

Zaman is accused of shooting and killing his daughter, Vanessa Zaman and her cousin Leona Samlall, both 18, in Highland Springs Thursday. He faces two counts of second-degree murder, but other charges could be filed.

Both women’s deaths were ruled as a homicide with gunshot wounds to the head by the medical examiner.

“Even though he’s in custody, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done,” Palkovics said. “The detectives will be going through all the different information they’ve gotten; following up on leads, tips, calls and anything else that has come in.”

Henrico police called on New York agencies for help in apprehending Zaman, however the specific location in the state has not been released.

"There’s the elation that you finally have taken a person that has committed such a violent act off the street," Palkovics said.

"It's a safe feeling,” said a woman who lives in the apartment complex where the shooting happened. “It makes me not worry anymore."

A feeling of relief has swept across the Oakmeade Apartment complex off N. Airport Drive in Highland Springs where the shooting happened.

Some families didn’t realize Zaman had been apprehended until NBC12 knocked on their door.

"We've always felt safe to let our kids go outside but after that and not knowing the truth about what really happened, we didn't want to let our kids outside,” a neighbor said. “We didn't know what to do."

Henrico Police were seen in the complex Tuesday afternoon speaking with people but it's not known if they were there about the case.

At this point, investigators have already spent more than 100 hours working this case with hundreds more expected as the holidays approach.

"There's nothing good about any of [these homicides],” Palkovics said. “This one makes it a little worse, especially around the holiday time where you have two 18-year-old females, just minding their own business so to speak and then this happened."

"I hope these two young females get the justice that they deserve,” a neighbor said. “They didn't deserve none of this."

Police confirm Vanessa Zaman and Leona Samlall were walking in the apartment complex when Abdool Zaman confronted them and shot them.

Details about what happened after the shooting were not released by police.

A family member of Vanessa’s shared memories of the teen who wanted to become a forensic psychologist.

Vanessa was living Abdool in Florida after reconnecting with him several month ago.

Police have not released the motive behind this deadly shooting and there’s no word yet on when Zaman would be extricated back to Virginia.

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