Some neighborhood roads still have snowy spots, ice days after storm

Some roads still slick, icy

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - NBC12 is getting a closer look at why area schools are taking precautions - in some areas, the roads are still too slick.

Imagine school buses trekking through snowy spots or youngsters walking to their bus stops on icy roads. While all of the major roads and highways are clear of ice, there’s still a lot of it on some back streets.

That’s why Chesterfield Schools aren’t taking any chances Thursday.

"This morning when I was getting ready to go to work, it was really bad,” Suse Sosa said.

It still is.

"My car is spinning really bad. I was so sad,” Sosa said.

She lives on Mason Valley Drive near Hopkins Road.

"This morning, I could not take my car out. I called my boyfriend to help me out,” she said.

Snow and ice remain three days after the storm. Chesterfield isn't the only locality dealing with this.

Some people who live in Varina near New Market Road hadn’t received mail in a couple of days and it's likely because of these conditions.

This is the reality despite snow plows hitting every single neighborhood there is.

"We've been working 24 hours a day,” Steve Yobb of Henrico Public Works said.

He says the county doesn't have a priority list of which neighborhoods get plowed first.

"We try to get to them all as soon as we can. Obviously someone is going to be first and someone is going to be last. That's perhaps more luck than anything. We do want to get all the mobility restored to all of our subdivisions,” he assured.

Because of current conditions, local school systems are taking precaution.

Tweets from Henrico and Chesterfield explained to parents that they had to make a call.

For Sosa, the decision is bittersweet because she works and will have to find a babysitter.

“It’s bad because they’re losing too much time not going to school and now tomorrow again,” she said.

But she doesn't want school buses out in this.

"No, not really here… It’s not safe for the kids either, the way that it is,” she said.

VDOT says it is still treating trouble spots, covering Chesterfield.

Henrico says the majority of its work is done. All of the extra contractors they’ve called in to help were sent home Wednesday.

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