Prince George County family builds 21-foot-tall snowman

Giant "Fluffy" snow creation

PRINCE GEORGE, VA (WWBT) - In Prince George County, Jason Smith, John Brown, neighbors and family members all worked together to build a gigantic 21-foot-tall snowman named Fluffy.

“This is all done by hand with sleds and hand shelves. No equipment was used other than the pick up trucks to load the snow in,” said Property Owner Jason Smith.

With the recent snow fall causing schools and jobs in the area to be closed, the Smith family figured there was no better time than now to build a snowman.

“Kids are out of school and I’m off of work so it’s a good way to get me outside and play with the kids and we build snowman,” said Smith.

This is a family tradition that started out as a bet five years ago to do a snowman challenge.

“We did an 18-foot snowman and now we did a 21-foot snowman,” said Smith.

Now, year after year, when it snows, Jason Smith and his family build a bigger and better snowman than the last. This year was their biggest creation ever.

“It was a lot of fun, hard at times but a lot of adventures though,” said Smith’s kids.

They started on Sunday evening, but when Fluffy got too big, they built a scaffolding to speed up the process.

“It was a sigh of relief that were done,” said one of Smith’s children.

The snowman’s scarf is built with four scarfs tied together and the hat is actually a 22-inch box with a tub sitting on top.

“We were trying to go for at least 20 feet this time and we got right to 19.9 on the snowman. but with the hat it makes 21 feet,” said Smith.

But they aren’t stopping there, the Smith family says the next snowman goal is 25 feet.

“Go big or go home," said one of Smith’s children.

“Get outside and do something with your kids and make a memory,” said Smith.

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