Organization gives bikes to people re-entering society

Organization gives bikes to people re-entering society
OAR Richmond is seeking bike donations to help returning citizens stay out of jail.

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - OAR Richmond is collecting bikes to give to people released from prison attempting to re-enter society.

For people just getting out of jail, having a way to get around can be a major hurdle in making a smooth transition back into society.

OAR Richmond looks to help returning citizens become productive members in the community and keep them from going back to jail.

The organization started Ride to Re-Entry, a program that gives bikes to their clients.

“We provide people with bicycles as an incentive for completing a variety of groups we have here that focus on making positive change,” said Program Director Taylor Welch.

Welch says it can be difficult for returning citizens to get a job without a reliable form of transportation.

“A lot of people otherwise don’t have funds to catch the bus,” add Welch.

Tina Andrews recently served 15 months in jail. She received her new bike just moments before we met her.

“It’s freedom, I’m very excited and it’s something I’ve been looking forward to,” said Andrews.

You can donate to the program on the OAR website.

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