Chesterfield man struggles with roof repairs

Viewer calls 12 about bad roof installation

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A Chesterfield man says everything that could go wrong with his roof installation and sky lights, did.

Samuel Seward said the home improvement company he paid $15,000 to is giving him the run around, and it’s been six months and he can’t get anyone at Lowe’s to address him and resolve his issues. Lowe’s NBC 12 just today that quote “customer service is absolutely our goal, and we always want to work to make it right.”

Seward said there are still areas on his roof that still concern him months after installation.

"It’s not fair to me. I’m paying for ice and water shield around my sky lights and it’s not there,” Seward said.

He said he called corporate Lowe’s when he didn’t get anywhere with the crew working on his home at the time, and surprisingly got the same reaction.

“I called the corporate office and the girl told me I didn’t know what I was talking about. They said everything was fine. I went to Lowe’s and got one of these cameras from Lowe’s,” Seward said.

Seward bought a digital inspection camera and slipped the probe under the shingles to help document his complaint and he then discovered a second problem. He discovered his brand new skylights are not fastened down. He says they’re missing bolts and are loosely fitting on top of his roof.

"There’s no bolts all the way around. It’s supposed to be secure. I took a video of it and I could move the sky lights up and down. The people came out and said no ice and water shields around by my sky lights. The water is going to run straight out like this and just run straight out over the whole roof,” Seward said.

Seward said he can’t understand why his concerns were not addressed the moment a Lowe’s representative came out to inspect what he found.

“I guess they think old people don’t know nothing. I know enough to go get this to prove my point,” Seward said.

Lowe’s said they are working on a better update and want the opportunity to work directly with Seward to ensure satisfaction and appreciate the opportunity to look into this further.

“I think they should send me another contractor out. Pull the whole roof off, put it back. That way I’ll know it’s done right because if they skipped a couple places - they skipped a couple other places,” he said.

Seward said someone from Lowe’s corporate did call him, and said someone else would be calling him to arrange a day and time for an inspection.

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