Snow plow services work hard to clear parking lots, businesses

Contractors work hard to remove snow

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - As much of the area continues to thaw and dig out from under the snow, private companies are stepping up, plowing business and apartment parking lots.

Darin Vauter is the owner of D. Vauter Tree and Stump Services. When the snow starts to fall, his crews gear up to remove it so you can get to and from work and home.

“Myself, along with a lot of other snow contractors I believe, we’re overwhelmed with the snow we had,” Vauter said.

Vauter tells me he’s never seen anything like Sunday night.

“The snow was just so heavy my plow...was just blowing it over the top of my windshield so I had to go home, come back out this morning and start again," Vauter said.

His crew of about 17 men started preparing their trucks with plows Friday night.

Vauter’s company is contracted with several businesses including Bojangles, Popeyes and Capital One.

“We focus on where to put the snow when it’s this big amount. We look at when it refreezes - you want it to be on the down slope part of the parking lot because the ice will reform,” Vauter said.

Things turned dangerous for one of his employees.

“The truck got sideways and slid almost into a creek off of a bridge and luckily we got out and saved that one. I knew it was a lot of close calls last night for a lot of these guys," Vauter said.

Lisa Johnson is the president and chief financial officer at Johnny On the Spot Services.

Crews of about 50 men on the roads since the storm started.

“Big hospital and condos and townhouse facilities that people have to get to work and it’s important that we try to help out as many businesses as we can," Johnson said.

Johnson said they got over 75 calls for service during the storm but couldn’t respond to them because of previous contracts.

“When it first started, I couldn’t believe the amount of people on the road. I believe it was shopping," Vauter said.

As roads slowly start to thaw, Vauter has precious advice for all.

“I would get a pot of stew going and ride it out. I wouldn’t be on the road today," Vauter said.

Officials said just because there is a clear path it does not eliminate the danger.

As the snow melts and temperatures drop, the threat of black ice becomes higher.

Many crews will head out to work on the roads again on Monday night.

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