Virginians prepare for potential of weekend snow by hitting stores

Preparing for possible now

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Many are preparing for whatever Mother Nature will bring this weekend. NBC12 spoke with shoppers who are paying close attention to the forecast and making sure they have what they need at home ahead of the potential snow.

Even state leaders are taking a look at how they will respond. Saturday, Virginia’s Department of Emergency Management will decide if it needs to get all hands on deck to best coordinate resources when the snow begins to fall.

The familiar Christmas Classic sums it up best, Let it Snow.

"I love snow. I love everything about it,” Tammy Henry said.

Depending who you ask, you’ll get some of that and some of this...

"I don’t like the snow. It stresses me out driving in it,” Paul Stamp added.

Different strokes for different folks - yet everyone has to be prepared.

"I'm ready for it,” Amy Stamp said.

"I’m all ready,” Wilbert Boyd said.

He knows a snow storm can often result in power outages and stores closing up shop.

"I got batteries. Ice. Milk,” he said. And in case he has to leave the house...

"I got 4-wheel drive so I can go if I have to,” Boyd added.

"Now the snow’s coming so I’ve been shopping all day,” Teresa Castanon said.

She’s checking her list for the essentials.

"Just something to cook in the crockpot, hot soup or something like that,” she said.

Even companies like Amtrak are thinking about how the snow could pose a problem.

“Due to a winter storm expected to impact Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, Amtrak is canceling trains and modifying service beginning Saturday…” the company posted on Twitter.

Some areas of the state could get harder than others.

"It’s changing minute by minute so who knows,” Stamp said.

Let’s just say her fingers are crossed.

"I’m a teacher and I want out of school,” she said.

Who would pass up a snow day?

“Sit at home and watch TV and watch your news!” Boyd added.

Unless of course, you’re a pro at this!

"I was raised in Montana in a ranch back in the mountains so snow is nothing,” Artie Stephens said.

At Virginia’s Department of Emergency Management, if they make the call Saturday, it would mean having police, fire, any resource you can think of all in one spot to quickly get to those who need help.

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