Warming up your car in the morning? You probably shouldn’t

Police warn that warming up your car is risky

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - With cold morning temperatures, there’s a temptation to idle your vehicle before you head out, but think twice before leaving your vehicle unattended.

Ice on the windshield and just being busy getting ready are reasons why people give their cars a head start on winter mornings.

Virginia State Police says warming up your car and leaving it to idle is an easy way to end up getting it stolen. It’s what’s referred to by police as a “crime of opportunity” for thieves.

And AAA says the practice probably isn’t necessary and just wastes gas.

In the 30 seconds it takes to start your car and put on your seatbelt, your car's fluids will get moving and you can drive off gently for the first few minutes before turning on the heat.

For older cars with carburetors, it was a common and sometimes necessary practice. Vehicles made since the 90′s likely don’t have them and therefore don’t need to idle anymore.

Police say to always sit in the car with the doors locked while it is idling or defrosting.

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