Richmond residents relieved after backed-up alley cleaned up

Fixing backed-up alleys in Richmond

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Washington Park homeowners are relieved after they were bothered by backed up alleys that held water for weeks in their neighborhood, causing them problems.

After taking the concerns to Richmond City Hall, a public works crew was sent to the area to clean sweep the alley of debris and silt.

Two days after the clean sweep, the alley behind the homes in the 800 block of Cheatwood Avenue is free of leaves and debris that added to the long-standing poor drainage they’ve been dealing with for years now.

The neighborhood is definitely on the city’s radar now, and residents say the alley sweep is the first phase in a process that requires more. Jimmy Hill took it upon himself to clear blocked the drain before and after storms. He said he pays taxes and the city should do more for residents, but he’s glad they did come out over the weekend.

“Oh yeah, I’m thankful for the help. But, this alley needs to be re-asphalted, or cut it out and re-do it and put more of a slant in it so that it’ll go down and water doesn’t stand. Where I’m standing, any time it rains, it’s about four or five inches of water," Hill said.

The city said the alleyway is in fair condition, but conceded that it does have some low spots that hold water. Officials said money to re-surface the alley must be approved by city council.

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