One child transported to hospital after daycare bus crash

One child transported to hospital after daycare bus crash

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A daycare bus carrying seven children was involved in an accident Wednesday morning resulting in one child being transported to the hospital.

Chesterfield Police responded to the accident at the intersection of Hopkins and Kingsland Roads before 9:30 a.m.

According to police, a 2007 Nissan Altima was traveling west on Kingsland Road when it drove through the intersection and hit a Childtime Children’s Center daycare bus that was traveling north.

When the Nissan hit the side of the bus, it caused the bus to turn onto its side.

“Seven school-age children were onboard our bus at the time,” said Childtime spokeswoman Lydia Cisaruk. “Our staff are trained to manage urgent situations.”

“I just feel like the angels were out here and they were encamped around the bus and around the other lady,” said Jennifer, a bystander.

Jennifer was working inside Spencer Express when the crash happened.

"It was like a big boom, but when the bus fell on its side that's what you heard the most," she said.

Jennifer and her coworkers ran outside thinking the accident involved a box truck, but quickly realized that wasn't the case.

“As we got closer I heard the children screaming,” Jennifer said. “I realized it was a small school bus.”

“Our driver evacuated the children form the bus immediately, with assistance from some local bystanders," Cisaruk said.

"We brought them in the store, set them all down to ask who was hurting and where so that way we could have that report for when the EMTs got here,” Jennifer said. “We gave them some juice and thank you Lord it ended very well considering."

Police say one child was transported to the hospital, while a couple of children were expected to receive more medical attention.

The other children were transported back to the school or picked up by their parents. Further medical evaluation has been sought for a couple of children, according to Cisaruk.

Meanwhile neighbors said something needs to be done about this intersection before more people get hurt.

“A lot of people end up running the stop sign or are preoccupied these days,” Jennifer said. “We see a lot of wrecks here.”

According to VDOT traffic data there have been 21 crashes at intersection of Hopkins and Kingsland over the last four years; four happening this year so far.

VDOT has proposed a $3.4-million roundabout project to help cut down on the number of crashes.

“Just could have been so much worse that you know some sort of divine intervention took place,” Jennifer said.

Chesterfield police said the adult female driver of the Nissan was not injured but was charged for failing to yield at the intersection.

“Nothing is more important to us than our children’s safety,” Cisaruk said. “We’d like to thank the responders as well as the bystanders who provided assistance.”

A Chesterfield daycare bus was involved in an accident on Hopkins Road this morning. Karina Bolster - NBC12 is on scene and tells us no one was injured.

Posted by NBC12 on Wednesday, December 5, 2018

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