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Popular toys for Christmas 2018

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Clothes, electronics, and all manner of gifts are the focus of shoppers in the long Black Friday lines.

Deals can be found on a variety of items, including toys. But shopping for toys can be hard for parents who don’t know what the best things to buy are or how to navigate the hottest items that may be short on supply.

Kristen Chase from the Cool Moms Network has some tips for Black Friday shopping for some of this year’s most popular toys and gift for kids.

“We’ve gotta start with Fortnite,” Chase said. “This is the Fortnite rainbow smash pickax. This is 39 inches tall. It looks like it’s right from the game. It has real working wheels, soo great for role playing or home decor.”

Also on Chase’s hottest items list are some STEM toys, including E-blox Circuit Blox 395. It’s named that because there are 395 possible creations from the toy and Chase it’s a great option for parents looking for something that will be used for a long time.

Another popular toy is a Harry Potter training Wand by Jakks Pacific and a talking Sorting Hat by Maxx Marketing.

“Kids get five modes of play and three modes that they can use to play with their friends,” Chase said.

For younger children, you can’t go wrong with My Peppa Pi Clay Pals by Klutz Jr.

“Kids learn how to mix colors and they can make their own characters with that fun air-dry clay,” Chase said.

“Bunzi by Chillafish is a changeable ride that can be converted from three wheels to two wheels without using tools, making it user-friendly for parents.

For more information on hot toy items, visit the Cool Moms website.

(Source: Cool Moms Network)

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