‘That’s nasty’: Apparent rat video angers Richmond students, parents

Rat video angers Richmond students, parents

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A viral video of a rat crawling across the gym at Armstrong High School has students and parents outrages.

And this isn’t the first time there have been complaints about rodents at the school.

The school district is admitting there are some challenges that need to be addressed. Parents say they can’t come soon enough.

A student video posted on social media shows what appears to be a huge rat slithering across Armstrong High’s gymnasium.

"Oh my God. That looks like a possum,” parent Latanya Robinson said.

Similar reactions were also posted to Facebook this week.

"Are you freaking kidding me?" one person wrote.

"OMG, that rat wasn't scared!" another said.

"I'm so glad my school don't have that problem,” another added.

RPS spokesperson Kenita Bowers issued this statement on the rat video:

“While we cannot confirm the authenticity of the video referenced, we are aware of the ongoing facilities challenges at Armstrong High School and are working diligently to resolve them. Our goal is to always provide a safe, welcoming teaching and learning environment in all of our schools and we appreciate the concerned parents, staff, and community members that take the time to notify us when issues like this arise so that we can address it as quickly as possible.”

Back in March, a local radio reporter posted a photo to Twitter after a teacher said she trapped the rat with M&M candy. Just three months later, a different teacher spoke out at a school board meeting.

"Daily I clean my desk, I clean away mice feces and urine on my desk,” she said.

Now the video going viral this week is bringing the conversation back to the forefront.

"My step daughter showed me yesterday … I was told they’ve seen rats in there before,” a parent said.

"My daughter said something about she seen mice, but she didn’t say a hog because that’s what it looks like, a hog … One of your kids get bit or something by one of these things, oh that’s nasty … You don’t know what these things infested with,” Robinson said.

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