Trump pardoned a turkey named Peas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving turkey pardoned at White House

WASHINGTON, DC (RNN) - To honor Thanksgiving, President Donald Trump pardoned the turkey Peas over Carrots on Tuesday.

The White House asked folks on various social media accounts to vote which turkey Trump should pardon. During the ceremony, Trump joked that the election was fair, and Carrots refused to concede as a nod to the recent Midterm elections.

“I hearby grant you a full turkey pardon!” Trump said during the news conference as he stood next to Peas.

Both birds - Peas, a 39-pound bird, and Carrots, which weights 41 pounds, will live out the rest of their lives at a farm called “Gobblers Rest” at Virginia Tech. The school’s mascot is a Hokie - which is a turkey.

Both turkeys were hatched in South Dakota on June 28.

First lady Melania Trump joined her husband at the pardoning ceremony.

Although presidents since the 1940s would occasionally pardon a turkey, it wasn’t until 1989 that George H.W. Bush made it an annual tradition.

Trump will spend Thanksgiving in Florida with his family.

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