'Possession of this video is a felony’: Arrest, charges pending after sexual video spreads at area high school

Police say several pictures, video of women involved in sexual activity found on confiscated phone

Police: Teen secretly records sex video

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Police are investigating after they say a sexual video was spread around an area high school.

Charges are pending against Jeremiah Horton, 18, a senior at North College Hill High School. He’s accused of secretly recording himself and a 14-year-old student without her knowledge.

The charges Horton is facing include unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, pandering obscenity involving a minor, and disseminating harmful material to juveniles.

Police said the 14-year-old victim became aware when her friend's parents informed the police.

Three other students have already been charged -- two for showing the video in class and another for sending it.

Horton is accused of sending the video to several students around the high school. It's unclear how many people received the video.

Police warn anyone who may be in possession of the illegally recorded video. If you have the video you are advised by police to delete the video and then let them know you had the video. Police say if they have to find you, felony charges may follow.

“There are potentially hundreds of defendants in this case,” said North College police Officer Jay Manning. “As we go through his phone we (will) find out how many have it. The mere possession of this video is a felony. Not just sending it out, but the possession of it is a felony.”

When police received a warrant for his phone they said they discovered something more -- 21 pictures and videos of different woman involved in sexual activity on the phone.

“I would guess by what we were able to determine, they did not know they were being (recorded). There is a mountain of data there. It’s just a matter of going through thousands and thousands and thousands of records,” Manning said.

Manning said it’s unknown if all of the victim’s who were recorded are underage.

Police want anyone who may have had sexual activity with Horton to come forward.

“All the students here know him. The victim’s know who they are so they just need to come forward,” Manning said.

Horton is expected to be arrested this week.

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