What should you do if a stranger asks for help?

Richmond man arrested in attempted abduction at Zaxby’s

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond man is behind bars after Chesterfield police say he tried to kidnap a fast food employee right from the restaurant’s parking lot.

Marquise Bailey, 30, is now facing an abduction charge after the incident at the Zaxby’s along Midlothian Turnpike on Wednesday night. Police say Bailey asked the woman for help in bringing his order to his car. He’s then accused of grabbing the female employee’s wrist and asking her to get into his trunk.

NBC12 safety expert Mike Jones says stranger-on-stranger crimes can be dire, but many people don’t want to be cold to their neighbors, who may truly be in need.

Jones, a former police chief and current CEO of Major Security Consulting And Design,.recommends always trying to involve other people around if you’re asked for help by a stranger, even if you’re at work.

"Let your manager know. Let a coworker know … Always try to (help) with two employees,” said Jones.

What would you do if someone asked to borrow your cell phone in a parking lot, for a so-called emergency?

Jones suggests offering to make the call for them or directing them inside a store for more help. Never hand over your phone.

"The minute your phone is given up, is the minute you’ve given up your safety net to be tracked or to gain help,” said Jones.

What if a person is waving at cars, standing near a seemingly stranded vehicle on the side of the road? Would you help?

Jones says you can always make a call from your cell phone, while still in your car. If you feel the need to pull over, you can stay locked in your vehicle, until other help arrives. Jones recommends not getting out.

"Don’t get out of the car to go assist them or anything like that because unfortunately, you don’t know who’s waiting either in that [stranded] car or out in the bushes right beside it,” he said.

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