EMS Passport program aimed at helping with medical costs

EMS Passport program aimed at helping with medical costs

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - While a recent study, by a University of Kansas professor and a San Diego doctor, shows there’s been a 7 percent drop in ambulance calls since Uber started up in hundreds of U.S. cities, a Chesterfield woman says there is another available and cost effective option.

“From just calling to have the rescue squad come get you and pick you up that could be $400-$500," explained Barbara Henderson. “Why in the world are people using ride shares when the need to be taken to the hospital, when the county offers this [EMS Passport] program? Then I thought to myself maybe people don’t know about it.”

The EMS Passport program “is a subscription program, when emergency ambulance transportation is required, the program is designed to help eliminate out-of-pocket patient expenses and health insurance co-payments. It also offers protection against rising health care costs. Allowing subscribers will not be responsible for any additional balances or fees, except as required by law or regulation, after insurance claims are processed.”

Henderson says health issues were her main reason for enrolling. She has to be taken to the hospital several times in a year, and needed an alternative that would not be too costly.

“[It gives me] peace of mind that you’re going to get there safely and that the people are here to help you - it’s very cost effective," she said.

If you live, work or attend a college or university in Chesterfield, you are eligible for the EMS Passport Program. In order to enroll you must apply. It costs $49 for an individual and $79 for a family of two of more people. Subscriptions are valid from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2018.

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